Lamaze Based Childbirth Education

Agenda free and all encompassing, our Childbirth Education course is taught by Emily Knight; a Duke University trained, past L&D RN of eight years.

Topics included in the class are:

  • physiology of labor
  • stages of labor
  • creating a birth plan
  • laboring positions
  • comfort measures
  • breathing techniques
  • partner supported labor
  • birthing positions
  • common procedures
  • hospital/birth center protocols
  • postpartum and newborn care
  • breast/bottle feeding

Included in the course is an expansive resource list for before and after birth, in addition to a variety of tools for your birth experience. Topics are presented based on the latest research, all birth preferences and opinions are respected and welcomed.

Questions and class interaction are encouraged and appreciated.

Private classes in your home are scheduled at your convenience, to accommodate the busy schedules of our clients.