Birth Support

At Doulas of Charlotte, we feel birth is an important life event, just like a marriage or graduation, and treat it as such. Our doulas have been rigorously trained by Prodoula, an exceptional national company that prides itself in professionalism and birthing knowledge. In addition, doulas have been personally trained by the owners in medical terminology, local hospital and birth center policies and procedures, comfort strategies and intervention pros and cons. We pride ourselves in educating our clients on clinically relevant options within the birth setting, so families feel empowered and aware of the many options available to them before, during and after birth.

What makes our Labor Support Package stand out from others in the Charlotte area is that each family is assigned TWO hand-picked doulas as their support team. Families then have 24/7 support available at any time during the pregnancy, as well as meeting both doulas at the consult and prenatal meetings. One doula is guaranteed to be present at the birth, with the other serving as back up, so families never need worry with having an unknown back-up doula at their birth! Doulas of Charlotte promotes continuity of care within the birth setting so as to reduce stress on families and laboring mothers.

Our Labor Support Package includes:

  • Complimentary consult with your birth team, to meet with the family and discuss desires for labor and birth, and gather information on important aspects of the family, proposed birth location and any past experiences. It is important for us to get to know you in order to provide the best possible support!
  • On call access available 24/7 by both doulas to answer any questions, receive updates and provide an outlet to voice concerns, successes or any other topics that may arise.
  • A comprehensive prenatal meeting with the family in home, to discuss detailed desires for birth, what to expect, when to call the health care provider and how the doulas can best support you.
  • A detailed custom birth plan will be written and provided based on the information gathered during the prenatal meeting.
  • Birth support from the doula on call will come to you in your home or birth facility when requested, once labor has begun.  Doulas of Charlotte are very comfortable coming to your home to support you during early labor and aid in the transfer to your birth facility. Our labor doula will stay with you after the birth of your baby to help with skin to skin, breast or bottle feeding and any other needs that may occur during the first hour or two after birth.
  • An in-home post partum follow up visit occurs when convenient to the client within 2 weeks of leaving the birth facility, to discuss the birth, any questions you may have regarding care, and to provide helpful resources for newborn and family.

Doulas of Charlotte looks forward to answering any further questions about your birth support!