A beautifully written letter to the unborn child of co-owner Emily Knight. 

I never met you, but I knew you were there. Many didn’t know I had lost you, many didn’t see my sorrow. I prayed that what was best for you would happen. I wanted and loved you, and envisioned the child you would become. When I look into the eyes of your sister, I know you are with us. Your sister misses you, and talks often about her twin, although I’ve never told her about you. Rest assured I will when shes older and can understand. Your fleeting time here was felt, and your absence missed. I don’t know why you had to leave us, but I imagine it was part of some greater plan, that maybe you were needed elsewhere, or that life outside my womb would have been too hard for you. Know that your family misses you, and to us you were very real, and always wanted. Your sister says you were a boy, and for some reason I believe her, and picture you that way. I know that she feels an absence where you once were. I hope you see us, and watch over us. We will see you again one day, and oh what a glorious homecoming it will be. Until then, my child, rest in peace and love, knowing you hold a special place in all our hearts.

Love, Mommy