How can I feel prepared as possible?

Doulas of Charlotte is made up of experienced professionals there to guide you through your pregnancy and childbirth needs.


What makes Doulas of Charlotte unique?

Two doulas will be assigned to you as part of your birth team, they both attend a consult where you can meet them in person, ask questions, and they can learn about your birth preferences.

Once signed, you have access to both doulas 24-7 as needed. Both doulas also attend the prenatal, which we conduct around 35 weeks, to discuss early labor, your birth preferences in detail, and the information gathered is used to write a concise, customized birth plan.

What makes us unique from other doulas in the area, is that you are guaranteed to have 1 of the 2 doulas at your birth, instead of an unknown back up doula. By providing our own back up and having 2 doulas you are familiar with, we provide continuity of care.  One of the key factors during labor is relaxation, and having an unknown back up doula in your birth environment can negatively impact your birth experience. 

During labor, we come to you when requested. We are highly trained in providing physical comfort measures, education regarding procedures (how they are done, how they feel, what is to be expected), coaching through contractions, preparation for an epidural (should that be part of your birth plan), assistance with various pushing positions, and adhering to your birth plan detailing how you would like to welcome your little one into the world. 

After baby has arrived, we assist with feeding, whether it be bottle feeding or that first latch that begins your breast feeding journey. The doula will make sure you are settled in and are comfortable before leaving to allow you to enjoy your new addition. Doulas of Charlotte is also a great resource during pregnancy for registry building, product evaluation, provider navigation and as a sounding board. 

Doulas of Charlotte will never encourage you to go against medical advice. We strive to empower parents to take charge of their birth, through education and unwavering support.  We pride ourselves in developing confident relationships with our clients and providing superior care for before, during and after baby arrives.